Meesto (meesto) wrote in blackspotfilm,

Screen Test update

The screen test has been edited together and is looking pretty sharp. Thanks to Ben's fantastic storyboards it was a breeze to go through all our footage and put together our test scene. There's a load of post work to do to the shots now that we have them all identified and marked with colour grading and making them work as day-for-night.

There are a number of things which I think we would do differently knowing what we know now, but I think the only way to gain the experience we have is by just going and doing it. I am positive that when we do our principle photography work in another 5 weeks that we will be making some damn fine material.

In the meantime please be patient as we slog through a little roto work and wait to hear how the audio comes together.

Oh - and for the record. Final Cut Pro rocks.
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