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Screen Test!

On Saturday we all went out to a lonely road to do a screen test. We wanted to test out all the equipment and try shooting day for night (to be tweaked in post afterwards), shooting evening for night, and shooting at night with lights. We shot one complete scene and bits of others, which was about five pages of the script, or about 23 different camera setups.

We were going to be using tape as a backup, but the tape didn't interact well with our direct-to-disk setup, so we only used direct-to-disk (recording to a laptop's harddisk). We used DV Rack to help check our focus, lighting and framing. Here's Chris looking at the laptop.

Here's Kevin at the camera.

Shooting through the windscreen. Here's Luke and Simon in the car, roasting for art. It was summer hot, but they were wearing hoodies. Ryk wired the car for sound and the windscreen was shaded to cut reflections. Frances holds a light bounce card in the background and Ben (in the fedora) directs.

Shooting in the evening light.

Getting a wideshot of the car.

Here's Frances (who did makeup, effects, and helped with lighting) and Freya, the producer, (she's holding the script and storyboards.)

Here's Ryk holding a boom mike, Ben (in the fedora), and Simon in the background.

Once full darkness fell we broke out the camp lanterns and flashlights and miniature battery-powered super bright LEDs. Notice the sandbags, made with old jeans and beach sand.

Here's everyone shooting at night.

We were out there for about twelve hours and now have lots of material to look through.
Next: we cut the shots together, tweak them in post, take a look at it and see what things we'll change for next time. =)
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We did it. We got out there and managed to shoot a five page scene comprising 24 shots plus two walking shots... In the middle of nowhere- with traffic passing every two minutes- all on battery and gas power.

And talented elbow grease...

A massive thankyou to all involved. You did it for free, and gave it everything. Frou, Simon, Bro, Frankie, Rykkie, Kev, Natasha and Chris... You broke the film barrier.

Time permitting- we'll cut it, and whack some score on top-

Hang on tight...

Is that the Akatarawas in the background?

I miss the Hutt hills.
Actually it's the Coast Road down in Wainuiomata. =)