Meesto (meesto) wrote in blackspotfilm,

Low light tests

Here are a few images we produced to see how little light we could use to get a decent image on the Canon XL-2. Some more tests are needed, but we are getting a sense of just how little light we can get away with having.

In every case example the iris was opened fully to f1.8 and +12db of image gain was applied. The gamma was set to "cine", blacks were stretched and there's a knee on the whites. The lens is the stock 20x Canon lens that ships with the XL-2.
Basic incandescent tungsten globe (overhead lighting).
Single low-watt halogen globe diffused through paper (placed just out of frame).
Mini-maglite torch shown from aproximately 2m from subject.
Mini-maglite torch from 2m and 2 candles.
Generic torch from 2m.
Generic torch and mini-maglite from 2m.

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Well, I feel much less stressed having seen those. Do you think its the same on a larger scale? Life is great today. Will make sure the other guys see this.